The Malaybalay City Jail virtually launched on February 23, 2022 the ‘Mga Hulagway sa Gugma,’ the first-ever coffee table book of BJMP Region 10 which encapsulates the penology as reformative, restorative, and developmental in photos.

The photos therein are not mere imagery to package the Jail Bureau’s services but they especially speak of stories that have truly taken place; that have touched the hearts of the audience; and that most of all, have impacted the lives of our clientele by our dedication in the dispense of our duties.

This book showcases the images of robust welfare and development activities that Malaybalay City Jail offers for the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL). It is an attempt to underscore the end of a punitive era and the dawn of a reformative, restorative and developmental era. It also seeks to dispel the deep-rooted perceptions about penology and the harrowing narratives about jail facilities, while at the same time encouraging understanding and compassion for PDL in contrast to the discrimination and stigmatization they suffer. The images are preceded by a chapter detailing Malaybalay City Jail as a detention facility progressively adhering to the present-day penology model.

Copy of the book can be accessed at this link: